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The City of Brunswick has a rich heritage depicted in numerous buildings and areas within the city. Preserved historic resources bring much more than aesthetic beauty to a community. Historic preservation helps establish a community's identity rooted in a shared past. Having clearly identified historical preservation goals can also help pave the way for economic revitalization.

The Brunswick Preservation and Revitalization Committee was created to help the City of Brunswick develop and implement overall historic preservation goals through advice, recommendations, ordinances, or other information to the Mayor and City Council for areas of Brunswick that would be identified as having significant character, interest, or value as part of the development, heritage or cultural characteristics of Brunswick. These goals include supporting the protection of the city's heritage by preserving, protecting, and conserving the significant historical and architectural structures, buildings, and sites within the city, and specifically within the downtown area. The committee should consult with outside organizations such as, but not limited to, Brunswick Main Street, the Maryland Historic Trust, and Preservation MD.

The goals of the committee include, but not limited to, the following:

1. Ensure and foster preservation, restoration and rehabilitation that respects the historic, cultural, and architectural significance of distinctive areas, sites, and structures.

2. Develop and review a comprehensive local historic preservation plan.

3. Investigate and report to the Mayor and Council on the use of various federal, state, local, or private funding sources, incentives, and other mechanisms available to promote historic reservation in the city.



The Preservation and Revitalization Committee consists of not more than seven members.  Members are appointed to four year terms, considered after every Mayoral election.


Meeting AgendasFor copies of meeting agendas prior to September 2020, please email City Hall.











Meeting Minutes - For copies of meeting minutes prior to September 2020, please email City Hall.


Click here to view the Preservation and Revitalization Committee update presentation given to the Council on September 10, 2019.


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Conservation District DRAFT Design Guidelines

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Local Preservation Ordinance

Federal Historic Preservation Laws

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