Old Berlin Cemetery

Welcome to the earliest known cemetery in the City of Brunswick, Maryland. Burials took place here since at least 1799 and the oldest existing grave marker reads “M.C. 1810.” It is a beautiful half-acre site located in the middle of an old residential neighborhood not far from the Potomac River. Hundreds of people are probably buried here, although only about 70 gravestones remain. Civil War soldiers are here, as well as people who worked on the railroad and C&O Canal and many who lived during the boomtown era of Brunswick. Most burials took place between 1870 and 1920. It is no longer an active cemetery.

It was called “Old Berlin Cemetery” because Brunswick was known as Berlin prior to 1890. This Cemetery is also referred to as the “old burying ground” and the “Old Lutheran Cemetery.”

The Cemetery is owned by the City of Brunswick and is open to the public. Visitors are welcome to walk around the grounds and explore the history that is here. Please treat the Cemetery grounds with care and respect.

These pages provide considerable detail on the people known to be buried here and the intriguing stories of their lives. We invite others to share their own stories and photos of those whose final resting place is Old Berlin Cemetery.


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