Projects Around Brunswick

Community Garden

Brunswick Crossing Community Garden is Open to All Brunswick Residents!
Are you interested in gardening but don't have the space? Check out Brunswick Crossing's community garden! We invite you to grow your own fresh fruits, veggies and flowers alongside a growing community of local gardeners. The City of Brunswick supports the garden by providing yard waste pick-up that is then composted through the Frederick County yard waste recycling program. 

Brunswick Crossing's HOA manages the garden, so HOA members are assigned plots on a first-come, first-serve basis. However, the garden is open to all!  Brunswick Crossing resident registration begins January 1, and Non-Brunswick Crossing resident registration begins March 15.  To apply for a plot, please fill out the application.


Farmers Market

The Brunswick Main Street Farmers Market was established in 2020 and is a joint partnership between Mid-Maryland Farm Market and Brunswick Main Street. The market provides an opportunity for local farmers and artisans to sell their goods and gives residents access to fresh groceries while stimulating the local economy. The Farmers Market is open from 4-7 PM every second and last Friday from May through September.


Local Business Directory

Patronizing local businesses is a great way to support our community and reduce our greenhouse gas emissions from driving to large chains outside of town. You can see all of the wonderful downtown businesses Brunswick has to offer by visiting the local business directory put together by Brunswick Main Street!


You can also check out the greater Brunswick area business and community directory created by the Greater Brunswick Area Chamber of Commerce (GBACC) and the City.


Green Team

Brunswick's Green Team consists of community members who help plan and execute sustainable projects and events around town. Meetings are held on the first Monday of each month from 6-7 PM over Zoom. You can follow the Sustainable Brunswick Facebook page to keep up to date with the Green Team! To learn more, feel free to reach out to Maya Zambrano-Lee at


Pet Waste Disposal

Proper disposal of pet waste is incredibly important for the health of our waterways. Pet waste contains bacteria, viruses, and parasites that can wash away into streams that feed into the Potomac. It also contains nutrients that cause weeds and algae to grow out of control, lowering the oxygen levels in the water, causing illness and death to the other organisms that live in the river. The City maintains pet waste stations around town so we can all do our part to protect our waterways. Please check out this brochure on where you can safely dispose of pet waste in the city.


Cigarette Litter Reduction

Cigarette butts are the most commonly littered item in the world, and they contain toxic chemicals that leech into our soils and waterways. Because they contain plastics, they do not biodegrade and are often ingested by marine animals. In March 2021, Brunswick Main Street was awarded $2,700 by the Keep Maryland Beautiful: Clean Up and Green Up Maryland grant to install 16 cigarette receptacles around the downtown. Ten are traditional cigarette receptacles, and six are interactive “Ballot Bin” receptacles that feature questions with two answer slots, allowing users to “vote with their butts.” The Ballot Bins are designed to incentivize smokers to properly dispose of their cigarette butts, which is especially important in our riverside town. 


Green Team members created a virtual submission box for residents to propose questions to be featured on the Ballot Bins. Questions will be changed quarterly to encourage future engagement, and the poll results will be posted on Brunswick Main Street’s website. 


Locations for bin installation are still being finalized, and we hope to install the bins by fall. The City has agreed for some receptacles to be installed on public property and will help with installation, and Public Works will service the traditional receptacles as needed. The cigarette butts from the Ballot Bins will be collected by Brunswick Main Street volunteers and shipped to TerraCycle to be recycled. 


Lastly, if you often smoke in areas without a nearby cigarette receptacle, consider investing in or making your own portable ash tray! 


Sustainable Maryland

Sustainable Maryland is a certification program that provides resources for municipalities to go green and save money! We are working on completing a variety of sustainable actions to have Brunswick become Sustainable Maryland certified. To learn more, visit the Sustainable Maryland website.


Sustainable Brunswick Facebook Page

To stay up to date on local events and activities follow the Sustainable Brunswick Facebook page!

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