Utility Billing


Water Meter Reading

Water meters are read roughly every three months.  Many of the water meters located throughout town can be read remotely, by driving past the residence and capturing the reading via a hand-held unit.  The City still has manual-read meters installed throughout town as well.  If your meter is a manual-read meter, staff will access the meter directly to retrieve the current reading.  Meters are typically located either on the house or in a crock in the front yard.  A handful of meters are still located inside homes in Brunswick.


Utility bills are generated quarterly in January, April, July, and October, and reflect usage for the prior three month time period (example: utilities used in January, February, and March will be billed in April).  Utility bills are comprised of water, sewer, trash service, and a Bay Restoration Fee, which is collected on behalf of, and forwarded to, the State of Maryland. 


Utility bills can be paid online through the link listed below or your bank website, by phone, through the mail, or in person at City Hall.  The City accepts cash, checks, and most major credit cards.


If you suspect your utility bill is high, please check for leaky fixtures such as toilets and faucets, making sure to check outside fixtures as well.  If you suspect you have a leak, it is best to contact a plumber, as the City does not check for leaks inside of residences.


Utility Rates: 

Fiscal Year 2025 Water and Sewer Rates

Fiscal Year 2024 Water and Sewer Rates

Fiscal Year 2023 Water and Sewer Rates

Fiscal Year 2022 Water and Sewer Rates

Fiscal Year 2021 Water and Sewer Rates

Fiscal Year 2020 Water and Sewer Rates

Fiscal Year 2019 Water and Sewer Rates

Fiscal Year 2018 Water and Sewer Rates

Fiscal Year 2017 Water and Sewer Rates


Payment Plans:

Click here to view the Utility Billing Payment Plan Resolution & Guidelines


Leak Forgiveness:

The City partners with ServLine for their leak forgiveness policy.  Click here to view the leak detection Mayor and Council Resolution.



City of Brunswick ordinances allow for sub-metering of residential water meters.  In order for residents to take advantage of this practice, sub-meters must be purchased from the City of Brunswick to ensure they are compliant with our current meter technology.  Sub-meters must be installed by a licensed plumber and inspected by the Department of Public Works prior to usage.

For more information, click here or contact the City of Brunswick at 301-834-7500.


Helpful Links:

WSSC Example of Average Water Usage

Click here to view the Utility Billing audit results presented to the Mayor & Council on August 27, 2019.

Click here to view "The Ins and Outs of Utility Billing" - presented at Mayor & Council Workshop on November 7, 2018


Electronic Utility Bills and Autopay Options:

Utility customers can now sign up to receive utility bills electronically and to opt into auto-pay.  Click here for instructions. 


Online Bill Pay: 

Click here to pay your bill online.

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