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Updated Floodplain Mapping - 2021 Appeal Period

FEMA has recently proposed updates to the Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRMs) for Frederick County, MD providing revised flood hazard determinations for all county properties. The maps were released for preliminary review in 2018 and are expected to go in effect in 2022.

As part of the FIRM update process, FEMA invites the community to review, comment on, and appeal any of the proposed changes if they feel an error in the mapping exists. The 90-day Appeal Period will begin on June 1, 2021. Please submit all appeal requests to Zoning Administrator Tolson Desa via email at tdesa@FrederickCountyMD.govor by mail to: Division of Planning and Permitting, Zoning Administration, 30 North Market StreetFrederick, MD, 21701.


Public Invite and Submitting an Appeal

Federal Register Notice

Region III Appeal and Comment Fact Sheet


What if I have previously been granted a Letter of Map Amendment (LOMA) removing my property from the regulatory floodplain?

If your property is listed Category 2 of the Summary of Map Actions (link below), your LOMA will be revalidated once the new mapping becomes effective. FEMA will issue the City of Brunswick a formal Revalidation Letter to reaffirm these properties.


Summary of Map Actions

Letter of Map Change Revalidation


Useful Resources/Links:

Notice of FEMA Preliminary FIRMS and Comment Sheet


Preliminary FIRM Panels for Brunswick:






Adoption of Flood Insurance Rate Maps

Floodplain Management Bulletin


CCO Meeting PowerPoint Presentation

CCO Meeting Handout

CCO County and Municipal Dashboards

County Fact Sheet


Acronym List


Using Flood Risk Products To Increase Community Resilience


Digital Flood Hazard Information

Why We Map Flood Risks

MT-2 Form - Application For Conditional Letters of Map Revision (CLOMR) and Letters of Map Revision (LOMR)

MT-EZ Form - Application for Single Residential Structure or Lot Map Amendment

Scientific Resolution Panels Information


Floodplain Management

Hazard Mitigation Planning

Hazard Mitigation Assistance Brochure

Hazard Mitigation Fact Sheet


Myths and Facts about the NFIP

Elevation Certificate

NFIP Top 10 Facts for Consumers

NFIP Grandfathering Rules for Agents


Click here to visit Frederick County's Floodplain Administration Page.

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