Train Tracks Blockage

To report blocked train tracks - FRA Public Blocked Crossing Incident Reporter

If you are experiencing an emergency during a blocked train track, dial 911.  You may also report a railroad emergency directly to CSX at 1-800-232-0144.


The attached letter and supporting packet was mailed to the President of CSX on August 4, 2022.  Click here to read the attachment.


The City is aware of issues with railroad tracks being blocked for significant periods of time in downtown Brunswick. Like many, we are concerned about this issue for safety and access issues at the wastewater plant, campground, and boat ramp.  The City has been in discussions with CSX, Maryland Transit Authority (MTA), Federal Rail Administration (FRA), and numerous elected officials to establish both short-term and long-term positive actions to address the blockages.


This page was created to establish a record of blockages the City could present as proof of the issue.  We thank everyone who has contributed thus far.  Since we have collected data for several months, we have sufficient evidence to support the issue at hand.




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